Celebrating Republic Day with Munix

January, 2021

Munix is a company that takes pleasure in creating high-quality scissors that can be used in both the home and the workplace. For those who use scissors frequently in their daily lives, the emphasis on precise cutting and ergonomic design is crucial. Additionally, Munix is able to connect with its target market and provide solutions that are suited to their requirements by reflecting the values of its clever, creative, and inventive clients. The stylised X in the logo serves as a powerful symbol of the company's dedication to accuracy and quality, distinguishing Munix from competing for products on the market.

Celebrating Republic Day is always special for children. The parades, school functions and fun with friends. But because of Covid all of this was on hold. So, how can we make it fun again for the children? Sneha had the same question, so she decided to do this for her daughter. Her daughter Diyara was also interested in the Republic Day parade and the authenticity of the day. She was not able to celebrate it so Diyara and her mother Sneha made Indian Flags and other Republic Day crafts using paper and Munix Kids scissors. Thank you! Sneha for making this beautiful video. The enthusiasm for Republic Day was visible in the video.

The Munix kids’ scissors are made with plastic as well as stainless steel that is rust-resistant and safe to use as no sharp parts have been used. The kid’s scissors come in vivid colours perfectly suitable to meet the children's requirements, and it is impeccable for both left-handed & right-handed children. One of the crucial problems of giving scissors to children is that there is a high chance of breakage of scissors. But, Munix kids’ scissors have no such complications as they are completely shockproof and are not prone to breakage.