Hair Cutting Scissors

Scissors used in salons for cutting hair require an entirely different level of precision and quality. Even the design of these scissors is different. Munix has a unique range of professional hair cutting scissors in India. They are extremely easy to use by both professionals and novices. They are available in two variants: 136 mm and 162 mm.

Comfortable, efficient and easy to use

The blades are micro-serrated, which helps in keeping hair from slipping. The scissors are designed keeping in mind all the requirements of a hairstylist and have an innovative design. A hairstylist is required to keep a stable hand, which is why the scissors have a finger rest. The handles have been made in such a manner and of such material to ensure comfort and efficiency. For added efficiency, the scissors have been made very lightweight, which ensures smoother movement and ease in usage. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and ice tempered, which guarantees that the blades' sharpness lasts long. Also, these scissors are enough sharper to ensure a precise and smooth haircut. Even the screw is adjustable to guarantee smoother movement. The scissors can be used for cutting wet or dry hair as well as real or artificial hair.

Based on all these amazing features, there is no denying the fact that these scissors are the perfect addition to a salon or even at home for a quick haircut. They are durable, professionally designed, lightweight, and are catered to the needs of a hairstylist. They are also available in different lengths for different types of hair and haircuts. For a hairstylist, this is no less than a dream come true.