Divide and Rule - Happy Women's Day

March, 2021

Munix is a brand that takes pride in producing high-quality scissors that meet the needs of both home and office users. The focus on precision cutting and design that is both functional and ergonomic is important for those who rely on scissors in their daily lives. And by reflecting the values of its customers, who are smart, innovative, and creative, Munix is able to connect with its target audience and offer products that are tailored to their needs. The stylized X in the logo is a strong representation of the brand's commitment to precision and quality, and it sets Munix apart from other brands in the market.

Do you know what "Divide and Rule" is? This Women’s Day, we reached out to multiple women to know what do they understand from the term. Women have always been burdened and overpowered. Hence this Women’s Day, Munix redefine the definition of this rule. When at one point it meant dividing people and ruling them, today we say let’s divide our responsibilities so that both genders can rule their own life. Let’s try and make a new reality where women get equal opportunity to pursue their dream of being anyone they want without overwhelming them with the house chores. Women here loved this perception and want this to become the new reality.

Munix is a brand of vision, trust and ambition. We believe in gender equality and hope that one day we all can change the reality, and finally, a day will come when we achieve the social goal of equal rights and justice.