DIY - Making of Memory Photo Box

Oct 2023

Munix, a prominent brand under KGOC's umbrella, offers an extensive range of scissors that cater to the needs of both homes and professional settings. Our commitment to quality, design, ergonomics, and manufacturing excellence mirrors KGOC's renowned standards. Each Munix product undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that it meets global design benchmarks and the most stringent quality criteria.

The iconic Munix logo, featuring a stylized X, encapsulates the essence of our brand. This double-edged symbol perfectly represents our precision scissors, which are favored by creative individuals. Munix is all about innovation, sharpness, and empowering our creative customers to achieve the pinnacle of performance.

In a wonderful showcase of creativity and heartfelt craftsmanship, Niha Hanees has skillfully crafted an enchanting DIY memory photo box with Munix SL-1150.

A heartfelt thank you to Niha! Your video has left us thoroughly impressed, and we deeply value your talent and expertise. Our ultimate goal is to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers through our top-notch products.

Product name: Munix SL-1150