DIY plant-making with Munix GL 2170

February, 2023

Munix, a premium brand under KGOC, boasts a comprehensive portfolio of scissors that cater to various needs - be it for home or office, or even for professional use. KGOC is known for its rigorous standards of design, ergonomics, manufacturing, and quality tests, which are upheld across the entire Munix product line.

Each product undergoes a meticulous process of identifying user needs and developing solutions that meet international design standards and pass stringent quality tests. This stringent process ensures that the end product is innovative, advanced, and of the highest quality, thereby adding to the efficiency and productivity of users.

The Munix logo features a stylized X that perfectly embodies the essence of the brand. The "double sharp" nature of this symbol is a representation of the precision cutting capability of our scissors, which are well-known for their accuracy and are widely used by people across different industries.

CraftBazaar, also known as Muskaan, has showcased a stunning way to create DIY home plants in her latest video. She utilized the GL-2170 scissors from Munix to create these beautiful plants made of cardboard and paper. With the help of these scissors, Muskaan was able to effortlessly and accurately cut the materials needed for the DIY project.