DIY Wall Hanging by Aman Anand Using The Munix SL-1183 Scissors

May, 2023

The Munix brand, owned by KGOC, offers a range of premium scissors suitable for a variety of purposes - from household to office or professional use. KGOC has a reputation for strict adherence to exacting design, ergonomics, manufacturing, and quality test standards, which are applied to all Munix products.

To ensure that Munix products are of the highest quality and meet user needs, each product goes through a meticulous process of identifying user requirements, developing solutions that meet international design standards, and passing stringent quality tests. This results in products that are advanced, innovative, and enhance the efficiency and productivity of users.

Munix's logo, with its stylized X, embodies the brand's essence. The "double sharp" symbol represents the high-precision cutting ability of the brand's scissors, which are widely recognized for their accuracy and are used across diverse industries.

In thise video Aman, also known as @creative_callings, has used the Munix SL-1183 scissors to add a personal touch to wall hangings that are perfect for complementing your home decor.

Aman is a content creator who specializes in DIY creations, home decor and crafting. Her videos are packed with creative ideas and unique ways to beautify your living space and enjoy the process of crafting. Thank You so much Aman for this amazing video.