DIY Wreath with Munix

January, 2023

Munix is a KGOC brand whose portfolio comprises scissors for home and office, as well as a professional range. Munix products adhere to the same exacting standards of design, ergonomics, manufacturing and quality tests, which is the hallmark of KGOC. Each product goes through a process of need identification and solution creation that meets international design standards and passes through stringent quality tests.

The stylised X in the Munix logo represents the essence of the brand. The ‘double sharp’ nature of this symbol reflects the fact that our scissors are known for precision cutting and are used by people. Munix reflects the sensibilities of our customers, who are innovative, sharp and creative. Our products are designed to help them perform at their best.

In this video, Gayathri showed us how to make DIY Wreath with cardboard, ribbon and Munix GL-2170 scissors. GL-2170 scissors are specifically designed for general and industrial work. Thank You! Gayathri, for this beautiful DIY bow tie video. With moly vanadium stainless steel blades, curved blades for uniform force and a round tip, these scissors are an ideal choice for the creator in you.

Gayathri is a YouTube content creator who makes beautiful and creative DIY gifts, cards and more. You can gift these creative and thoughtful gifts to your loved ones.