How to Select a Good Sewing Scissors for Cutting Fabric

How to Select a Good Sewing Scissors for Cutting Fabric

Did you sort through bundles of fabrics to find the one you love? Was your favorite dress material expensive? After spending ample time, money and effort to find the fabric, refrain from using just any scissors for dressmaking. Sewing scissors are designed for the clean and precise cutting of fabric. Ensure you choose the most suitable one for your dress designing.

Consider the following before buying a sewing scissors.

An overwhelming variety of sewing scissors are available in the markets. Finding the best for you is not simple. However, the purpose determines the tool. Your comfort, convenience, and usage are the criteria for selecting the best scissors for you. Nonetheless, you can evaluate the following factors before taking your pick.

Type of fabric

There is a perfect sewing scissors for every fabric. Slippery chiffon needs serrated-edged scissors. Thicker fabric like denim or leather requires a heavy-duty tailor scissors. Thus, the dressmaking fabric is the prime selection criterion for a sewing scissors.

Usage of the scissors

You may want to create a dress, a quilt, or a felt bag. While a quilt needs straight cuts, a dress demands precise cuts. You can select an ideal sewing scissors based on your intended use. For fine cutting, an embroidery scissors will come in handy.


Your perfect sewing scissors should fit comfortably in your hand. While cutting the fabric, kinetic force is coming from the hand movement. The size of the scissors should allow for effortless cutting. The blade size depends on the intended use. Longer blades are great for pattern cutting, while shorter blades are better for detailed cutting. The handle size should be neither large nor small than your extended palm.

Left-handed or right-handed use

The blades are connected differently for left-handed and right-handed scissors. Keep this feature in mind before selecting your desirous sewing scissors.

Weight of the scissors

Usually, sewing scissors are heavier than other scissors. However, continuous use can hurt your hand. Moreover, for trimming and other delicate cutting, a heavy scissors is hard to handle. Thus, select a scissors that is easy to use and easy to handle for you.