Professional Scissors for Professional Cutting

April, 2019

Munix is a KGOC brand whose portfolio comprises scissors for home and office and a professional range. Munix products adhere to the same exacting standards of design, ergonomics, manufacturing and quality tests, which is the hallmark of KGOC. For each product to meet international design standards and pass stringent quality tests, it goes through a rigorous process of identifying needs and creating solutions. This results in innovative and cutting-edge products that add to the efficiency and productivity of users. The stylised X in the Munix logo represents the essence of the brand. The ‘double sharp’ nature of this symbol reflects the fact that our scissors are known for precision cutting and are used by people.

In this video, we have shown the uses of Munix professional scissors specially designed for professional or industrial use. For example, textile industries demand the best scissors to cut jeans, denim, other clothing materials, etc. Then there are varieties of scissors for tailors, scissors for barbers, scissors used by technicians, fishing line scissors, etc. Munix again has various scissors suiting these industrial purposes. They are designed by professionals keeping in mind particular needs. With a wide range of models, Munix helps you understand the best scissors for your industry. Furthermore, Munix scissors are affordable.

Munix scissors are sharp and made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant material which makes Munix scissors long-lasting i.e. they are durable. Also, the scissors are light. When handled or used, they give the smoothest feeling that you can have while holding scissors.