Quick bow-making tutorial with GL-2150

February, 2023

Munix, a brand owned by KGOC, offers a diverse range of scissors designed for home, office, and professional use. KGOC upholds its strict standards of design, ergonomics, manufacturing, and quality tests across the entire Munix product line. Each product undergoes a rigorous process of identifying needs and creating solutions to meet international design standards and pass stringent quality tests. This results in the development of innovative and state-of-the-art products that enhance the efficiency and productivity of users. The Munix logo features a stylized X that embodies the essence of the brand. The "double sharp" nature of this symbol signifies the precision cutting capability of our scissors, which are widely used by people.

In this video, Gayathri shows us how to beautifully make a DIY bow tie from paper and Munix scissors in this video. She used Munix GL-2150 scissors to give the bow ties a precise cut. You can try this too and make your bow ties hassle-free with Munix Scissors.

Thank you very much, Gayathri! We were very impressed with your video and appreciate your talent and skills. Our goal is to bring happiness to our customers through our products.