Which Scissors are the Best to Cut Hair at Home

Which Scissors are the Best to Cut Hair at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a new normal. Without grooming services, a common question went abuzz – “How to cut your hair at home?” The skill of hairdressing is one thing, but what many forgot was using the right pair of scissors. A specialized salon scissor is a must for a haircut. The blade of the scissor is sharpest for precise cutting.

Characteristics of the best hair cutting scissors


An ideal hair cutting shear has thinner blades and a small, compact handle. A scissor that comfortably sits in your hand will enable the perfect haircut. The trick is to measure the size of the scissors against your extended palm. Usually, a scissor length between four to five inches is best for newbie hair cutters.

Handle Design

Hairdressing scissors come with an ergonomic handle to reduce strain on the wrist. The holes in the scissor handle should fit properly to prevent pressure on your hand. Many scissors have a finger rest. A handle design that gives you maximum comfort is the most effective. You may select a crane handle design for less pressure on your wrist. It has a lengthier finger handle but a shorter angle thumb handle.


A blade made from premium quality stainless steel is durable. Ice tempering of the stainless steel blade ensures sharpness for a long duration. Choose a haircutting scissor that has a laser-cut sharp blade. It is good to look for a sharply pointed tip scissor for precision in haircutting. Micro-serrations on the blade of the scissors prevent hair slippage.


A haircutting shear should be light. It is easy to use and quick to move. Being a novice at haircutting, you may take more time. You do not want a heavy scissor to pain your wrist pain later.


Buy lightweight, durable, stainless steel, sharp-pointed scissors that fits your hand for haircutting at home. To keep them working well, clean after use and store in a case.