Personal Care

Scissors for Personal grooming


Personal grooming scissors are a part of almost everyone’s toiletries and have become dominant in the personal care of both men & women. Thus, Munix offers a variety of high-quality scissors as we know personal grooming can be a difficult task. But, with our well-designed scissors, you can quickly trim the facial hair with safety.

A travel-friendly option to groom yourself on the go

Munix grooming scissors have a fine pointed tip that will help you reach all nooks and corners like upper lip or eyebrows. The handle has a small finger-rest that will help in keeping your hand stable while you groom yourself. Thus, there is no chance of extra-trimmed eyebrows because of an unstable hand. The best part is that even after being small, the scissors are sturdy and shockproof. The blades are made of top-quality stainless steel and the scissors are smooth in movement. Also, Munix scissors are extremely light-weight, making it travel-friendly, that you can carry all the time.

Munix personal grooming scissors come in three variants: Munix SL -1140 has a fine pointed tip for easy reach and ideal for cutting and trimming facial hair. The other one, Munix GS – 4136 comes with a safety cover, has rounded tip, and is impeccable for cutting and trimming facial hair including ear and nose. Munix GS-4236 also comes with a safety cover and has a micro pointed tip for easy trimming.

There is no denial of the fact that almost everyone, especially the ladies, carries a personal grooming scissor along with them for last-minute grooming. Thus, Munix personal care scissors are a perfect addition to your purse or a beauty kit.