School/Kids (Craft)

Scissors For School/Kids (Craft)

Childhood is the best phase of life for developing art and craft skills. Art & craft is an important part that helps a child in exploring, discovering, creating, and experimenting. And so, one essential tool in little one's craft bag is a pair of scissors. Scissors are known to develop fine-motor strength, eye-hand coordination, builds focus and improves bilateral coordination. However, it is very challenging to find a pair that is safe for children. So, Munix has brought a range of scissors for kids which ensure safety and are not too blunt that nothing can be cut.

Safe yet fun to use

The Munix kids’ scissors are made with plastic as well as stainless steel that is rust-resistant and is safe to employ as no sharp parts have been used. The kid’s scissors come in vivid colors perfectly suitable to meet the children's requirements and it is impeccable for both left-handed & right-handed children. One of the crucial problems of giving scissors to children is that there is a high chance of the breakage of scissors. But, Munix kids’ scissors have no such complications as it is completely shockproof and are not prone to breakage.

Munix kids’ scissors comes in three variants available for different ages and uses. Munix KR-9150 is entirely made of plastic and is ideal for learning purpose, while KR-9153 and SL-1145 have a stainless-steel blade. KR-9153 has a designer blade that can be used to cut in different patterns like zig-zag, cloud, wave, mountain, etc. With rounded tip, For the children’s with age 7+ SL-1145 is great for cutting papers, craft papers, gift-wrapping papers, glazed papers, ribbons, etc.

We assure you that the kid’s scissors are completely safe & sound and one of the supreme scissors. Our scissors are utterly durable, high-quality, fun to use, and meets all the standards that cannot be found in any other kind of scissors.