DIY Embellishment for Decorating Crafts

September, 2020

The portfolio of Munix, a KGOC brand, includes scissors for the home, office, and professional markets. The stringent standards of design, ergonomics, production, and quality checks that distinguish KGOC goods also apply to Munix items. A method of assessing needs and developing solutions that adhere to global design standards is applied to every product. Innovative and cutting-edge products are produced as a result, increasing users' productivity and efficiency. Our goods are made with the finest performance in mind. On another level, the "double sharp" symbol's four arms emphasise the audacious ambition and aim of a developing brand.

In the latest video of Munix, Roopal used Munix SL-1143 Scissors in this video to make DIY embellishments. It has a pointed tip, shockproof and can be used by both hands. Made of corrosion-resistant, stainless steel blades, these scissors also have stainless steel orbital riveting for smooth movement. The high-impact ABS handle makes them lightweight and comfortable. She has also used kids' zig-zag scissors to craft the boundaries for the embellishments. In the video, Roopal made some beautiful embellishments with papers cut by Munix scissors. She guides you in steps so that you can make them at home without any worries.

Thank you! Roopal, for this amazing video. Roopal is a Creator and a YouTuber who crafts beautiful DIY embellishments and other unique DIY ideas that you can follow and make at home by yourself.