DIY Fun With Paper and Scissors

Imagination is far beyond the concepts of belief. And when you start to imagine, you ultimately start to create. And if you aim to create simple yet beautiful DIY’s (Do It Yourself) for either making gifts for your dear ones or decorating your house or perhaps teaching kids a few easy crafts, DIY with Paper and a pair of Scissors would not only be absolute but also fun too.

As a child we are often exposed to amazing crafts with the use of scissors and papers, such as making birthday cards, envelopes, butterflies, wall hangings, hearts, flowers and countless other things. And as long as the creative spirit is alive, DIY can be enjoyed both by kids and adults.      

8 DIY Projects with Paper and Scissors which will be fun to make



One of the easiest yet a valued DIY you can create with the help of a paper and a pair of fine quality scissors such as Munix, can be bookmarks.  If you are a book lover and a resolute reader then you must be aware of the importance of carrying a bookmark.

You can create a variety of bookmarks easily and all you are required to have is a paper and a scissors.

2.Beautiful Cards:

Paper cards

Make easy and attractive cards on special occasions for your friends and family. You may use colorful papers and a pair of scissors to cut and create different types of cards and to design it too.

3.Paper Lamps:

Paper Lamps

If you are fond of creating something which can adorn your room, then try making a paper lamp. This DIY will not only fascinate you but also make you wonder how fun it can be to create it.

4.Paper Flowers:

Paper Flowers

Do not pluck flowers, instead let them bloom because if you want a flower to make anything alluring, then create it by yourself. You can make colorful flowers of different patterns solely with a paper and a pair of scissors.


Paper Envelops

Making envelopes with a paper and a pair of scissors is easy, entertaining and useful at the same time.

6. Paper Quilling:


Quilling is a craftwork that is artistic and can also help to ornate anything you are creating. Paper quilling is also a hobby for many people as it’s simple and exciting to create. So cut paper into strips, fold them and make good use of them.



Make use of a pair of scissors and colorful papers to create lovely butterflies. This is undeniably a less time consuming DIY with a beautiful outcome.

8.Pocket notebook:

Pocket Notebook

You can make a small notebook to carry anywhere in your pocket entirely with the help of a paper and a pair of scissors. This DIY is absolutely easy and incredible altogether. Try creating it and discover the fun which comes along with it.

Isn’t it interesting to discover all the wonders a paper and a pair of scissors can help you create?
Also, for a good quality scissors to make your DIY beautiful you can trust on Munix. So now, when you begin to work on your creativity,
Don’t forget to make it simple yet worthwhile.