Introduce your 5 years old to craft and cutting

Introduce your 5 years old to craft and cutting

You might be aware that your 5-year old son or daughter is capable of becoming a great artist. It's never too late to get them started early, which is why it's important for you to introduce them to art. Here are some tips on how you can introduce your child to the world of craft and cutting in ways they'll enjoy.


#1 Teach Them The Basics

 If your child has no experience in this area, show them how easy it is by letting them do basic crafts like coloring in pictures or making paper flowers. These activities only require a few tools and a little bit of effort. 


#2 Go Outside.

What you can do outside with your child is taking them on a nature walk. Let them collect leaves, twigs and small rocks to use for craft. Afterward, they can make small collages on paper or cardboard from their collection.


#3 Invite Them To Become Part Of A Project. You could ask your child if they want to help you cut out shapes from colored paper or if they want to draw different shapes using markers. These projects don't take too long and allow the younger ones to become part of the process while getting hands-on experience at the same time. Parents can give special plastic scissors to kids for cutting the paper. 


#4 Build With Straws

Disposable straws or even wooden ones can be used to build structures. You can add things such as rocks, buttons, and stickers to add texture and add colors.


#5 Let Them Cut Things Out

 The best way to get your child involved in cutting is by letting them use scissors to cut out things they want from magazines or coloring books. It's a good idea to keep a pair of plastic scissors somewhere where they can get at them on their own and safely do all the cutting work.


#6 Have Fun With Glue

You could use glue sticks or rubber cement to allow your child to create things out of magazine clippings or other paper materials you have lying around the house.


#7 Have Fun With Tape

If you want to let your child cover something in tape, don't worry about taking the tape off later. Just find some fun shapes and colors of tape and let them go to town with the sticky material.