Kid Friendly Craft Ideas

April, 2019

Providing children with the right tools for art and craft activities is important for their development, and scissors are a crucial tool for many different projects. By using scissors, children can learn to manipulate materials and practice their hand movements, which can help to improve their dexterity and fine motor skills.

Having a pair of scissors specifically designed for kids with rounded edges and plastic blades is a great way to ensure their safety while still allowing them to engage in creative activities. Additionally, the bright and vivid colors of the scissors can also help to spark their imagination and creativity. It's great to see companies like Munix focusing on providing safe and developmentally appropriate tools for kids. By fostering a love of art and craft at a young age, children can continue to develop their skills and creativity as they grow older, and they will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with different materials and techniques.

One of those scissors is our Kr - 9153. They are suitable for kids and crafts. They help you to cut papers in patterns like mountains, zig-zag, clouds and waves. They are made from rust-free stainless steel profiled blades. These scissors add a lot of fun and creativity to your child's imagination. They are completely child-proof, made of no sharp parts, and come in vivid colours.

In this video, Disha has shared fun and easy craft ideas for kids to keep them creatively engaged during summer vacations. Disha has used Munix zig-zag patterned scissors, designed especially for kids and showed four different craft ideas.

Disha is a home decor and styling blogger and YouTuber. She shares budget-friendly home makeover ideas, unique DIYs, gardening tips, art & craft on her YouTube channel called "Disha Mishra Dubey" and on her blog "Design Decor & Disha", where she documents the journey of transforming her house into a home.