Munix's video blog on kids' crafts

Video Description

Bring out your artistic side and make some fabulous art with the ultimate Munix Scissors. These are specially designed to make every cut smooth and flawless. So you can enjoy making art for yourself or with your little ones without the worries of safety!


Why choose Munix for your kids?


The sturdy plastic and stainless steel parts of Munix Scissors are completely rust-resistant. We also do not use any sharp parts in the product, making it entirely safe for your little artist. Kids can easily bring their imagination to reality using these scissors as they come in vivid colors that will get them excited. Our scissors are uniquely designed to be used by both left-handed and right-handed kids so that they won’t feel any difficulty while using them. 


The strength of Munix


Kids tend to be a little careless with their stuff. That is why Munix scissors are made completely shockproof, and they are not prone to any breakages. This makes sure that your little one does not harm themselves while playing with the scissors and exploring their artistic side. Still, it is recommended that you keep an eye while they play with the scissors to ensure they stay entirely safe. 


Munix variants


Munix kids’ scissors come in three variants,  

  • Munix KR-9150: Comes with plastic blades and is ideal for learning purposes 
  • Munix KR-9153: Comes with stainless-steel designer blades, ideal for cutting different patterns like zig-zag, cloud, wave, mountain, etc.
  • Munix SL-1145: Comes with stainless-steel, rounded-tip blades and is ideal for children with age 7+ for purposes like cutting papers, craft papers, gift-wrapping papers, glazed papers, ribbons, etc.